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Legacy Nannies & Subs LLC | Legacy Life Solutions | Caldwell, Idaho

Legacy Nannies & Subs, LLC.

We offer services to those who are looking for child care professionals  either in their own homes, or in their facilities.

Legacy Nannies & Subs LLC | Legacy Life Solutions | Caldwell, Idaho

Hire us to help you find a nanny, a Community Support Worker (CSW), or a child care substitute to work in your home, center, school, or church.

Nanny Service

All our nannies are thoroughly screened, trained, and prepared to become household employees for both short and long-term placements. You can rest at ease knowing your children are in the best hands. Our nannies can perform various duties such as tutoring, pet care, some light duty cleaning, and housekeeping. Our nannies can also help in household management such as meal planning and meal prep, organizing, running errands and shopping. You can expect our nannies to be able to transport children to and from various events and appointments. Our nannies' driving records are checked and also they have to prove that they have auto insurance. As a client you can choose to add your household employee on your own auto insurance for an added safety.

Child Care Substitute Service

Our team of amazing child care substitutes are ready to offer their assistance in both daycare centers and in-home daycare for when a substitute in needed when a staff is ill, or between hiring. We can also match a daycare center or an in-home daycare with the right sub for long term placements. Our subs can help take care infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children. Our subs can also help in office work such as data entry related to daycare and preschool operation. Our subs can also play a role of a floater, clean and organize for centers and in-home daycare, and prepare meals for children.  To ensure you receive the best support available, we will custom match you with a provider that best meets your needs. Please inquire today so we can have your profile completed.

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